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So today we got married. It’s both our 3rd time. This one better last. . . Actually, I told people at work today that, no matter what, I’m never ever getting divorced again. So he’s just stuck with me. 🙂
Robs daughter, Sierra and Nikolas came with us.


Today I’m off

Today is my day off. It took me forever to get moving, but now I’m sorting and moving boxes from one room into the other and hanging more cloths up for Nikolas.
He only has one more box left which has 12-18 months cloths in it.
The cloths he has outgrown, I’m giving to Teresa, a work colleague of mine. Her niece is 17 and pregnant, and from what she said told me, at the babyshower she didn’t get much stuff. I’m also going to give her the extra stroller. I know it’s not the best of the best, but it’s better than nothing.
So yea, I feel like I have been pretty productive.

About myself

I wanted to put this on my Profile, but since you have to limit it to 1200 characters, it wouldn’t fit.
So this is my first entry:

DISCLAIMER: The following Statements are by no means a description of my full personality. A lot of the things mentioned could be “LIKES” or “DISLIKES” as well as “SLIGHT” to “SEVERE” peronality traits. Any concerns, comments or questions should be directly made to the author of this page *me*. Do not assume under any circumstances you know *me* by simply reading these words. Relaying information to others who might use it against *me* is strongly discouraged. I can’t find a reason to justify my ways, therefor I take the freedom to express myself on here. I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone to fuck with your life, therefor don’t fuck with mine! AMEN!

.. At LEAST 3 Feet of Personal Space! Procrastinator, Worried, “You Know?”, Disturbed, Music, Theta, Creation, Taco Bell, DOA, Fire, Accupressure, Sleep, Alcohol, Chokers, Reading the Dictionary, Too Fucking Pro-Human, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dragons, Monkeys, Natural Born Killers, Prozac, Candles, Books, Rearview, Target, Pirate, Movies, Tiger, Beta, Bizkit, Adult Swim, G4, Eyes, Protecting, Blue, Spring, Final Fantasy, Delta, Estherria and Asdian, Cemeteries, Snow, Pillows, Rain, Incense, Near Death Experiences, Under Pressure, Water, Jack off Jill, Contact Juggling, Nakedness, Scanners,, Muses, AudioSlave, Independent Movies, The Supernatural, World of WarCraft, Prayer, Knowing, Underestimated, Still, Addicted, Godsmack, Thief, Non-Existence, Natural Remedies, Red Wine, Puzzles, Cold, Marilyn Manson,Living Dead Dolls, Comic Books, Christmas Lights, Mother Chicken, Respect, Lotion, Dumb Spelling Mistakes, Determination, Italy, Smell, Christina, The Black Album, Nervous, Blankets, Different Thinking, Masks, Accepting, Smoking, Diseased, Porno, Pro-Choice Writing, Wishing, Broke, German, Internet, Silent, Caves, Wind, Dontgivemenames, Laughing, Melt-Down, Breaking Benjamin, 97.1(not anymore!), Phone Phobia, Demented, MoJo Risin, Suicidal, Racing Mind, Black and White Photography, Impulsive, Poetry, Hinder, Catastrophic, Fairy Tales, Money, Roaming, Bass, Darkness, Foreign Films, Games, Email, Kyle, Bonfires, Hope, Respect, Holly Grove…Michigan Renfest (!!), Cheese, Images, Karma, Seeing, Unselfish, Attics, Space, Ability, small Children, Lucidity, Trash, Rocks, Nickleback, Computers, Neurotic, Easily Bothered, Socially Poisoned, Thoughtful, Conspiracy, Emotionally Instable, Alpha, Air, Bats, Words, Agnostic, Grave Desire, Language, Anti-Depressants, System of a Down, Empress of my Universe, Blogging, Drums, Waterfalls, OOBE, MP3 Player, Outside of the box, Gargoyles, 950 AM…WWJ, Red and Khaki, Curteous, Switchblade Symphony, Information Whore, Social Anxiety, Flatliners, AromaTherapy, Crickets, Books, YoYo, Stephen King, Arrrrrrrrrrr, 2 A.M., White Socks, Beads, Parallel Universe, Young Granny :)Peace