Anger Rising

I am angry! I am angry at my daughter, I am angry at my son in law.
It all started Superbowl Sunday when he came home drunk, puked on the floor, she got on him about it and he attacked her. Some MP next door (they live on Post in Ft. Riley Texas) called the police, they came and thought it was but a joke.
Second time, from what my daughter told me, he tried to force himself onto her, while the older boy was sleeping in bed with them, she refused him and some fight ensued.
He then drove her here, to MI, where she was going to stay, first at my ex-husbands house, then she was going to stay with me and my husband until she found a job and got established.
Well, in the time they were here (Easter Weekend), the cops were at my ex-husbands house 2 times for several things involving them (TJ and Christina).
She went back to KS with him (????????)!
Yesterday I get up, getting ready to work, after less than 5 hours of sleep and a 10 hour shift ahead of me to find out he has yet hurt her again. I didn’t know the details.
I found out what happened from her after I got out of work. ….
He apparently ran after her after she was trying to ‘get out and take a walk’, and tackled her like she was fully geared football player. She flew a couple of feet and hit her shoulder, dislocated it, and hurt her knees, pretty bad.
She called the Police and they came and picked him up, but his parents posted bail for him after only 4 hours.
The Emergency Worker popped the shoulder back in for her.
What upsets me the most about this is that there are 2 innocent, young boys, in that home, watching them 2 going at each other. Its just not right. One is 1.5 and one is 3.
They are both NOT innocent, but it doesn’t give my son in law the right in any way shape or form to attack Christina physically.
She’s coming back on Tuesday. But until then I am going to be afraid that something else will happen. … I have to go to bed. It’s been a long weekend for me, but I will have to come back and continue this story. There is so much more.