Anger Rising Part 2

It’s been crazy. My parents got here from Germany on the 7th. My kids, tina and Kyle both didn’t bother to even make an attempt to come see them on Friday or Saturday. On Sunday, they met with us at China King… collected their money my dad had for them … and on Monday, my son was arrested for possesion and distribution, because he had a large amount of weed on him, and a lot of money…
On Sunday i told them both that I was making spaghettie for dinner (well actually my moms spaghettie) and they were invited.
Neither one of them showed. 😦

My Son was mad at me because I dared to mention above mentioned situation, and my daughter claimed the weather was ‘too bad'(it was Windy, Rainy, and cold) to come driving out to my house.

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