Let it be known

I wanted to keep this blog rather private and only if someone was actually looking for “it” they would find it, but I don’t see a good enough reasoning for this anymore.
I want the world to know how I feel, how I see things and how I care, or don’t care.
I want to publish some of those yummy recipes I have to folks, I want to shout out to the world that I AM WHO I AM.
I want Rob to know, eventhough I am a total bitch to him a lot of times, I deeply care for him. He drives me nuts a lot of times but deep down inside I loves him bunches. Yes, I am mean to him plenty, but it’s not something I can actually control. I wish I could be to him like I am to people at work, but I think the huge difference is that those people (co-workers or people just shopping) actually give me the moment of silence to let me speak. He never SHUTS UP!!! And I deeply hope that one day he will understand and respect this, but until then, he’ll just have to put up with me and I with him.
I am using this blog for rather therapeutic purposes only anyways. I like to go back to things I have written, and re-visit the moment as much as I can and analyze if I still feel the same way or if things have changed.
I want my worries and thoughts to be in writing and “in stone” because that’s how I feel and because I AM WHO I AM


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