from a lovely lady, to my daughter …

Enough, Christina. We will simply continue to pray for the boys safety, and for YOU to come to your senses and learn to take responsibility for your own choices, instead of Looking for someone else to blame for the choices you make. You a…re a Mother. It’s your job to care for your children and ensure their safety and well being. Drugging them to be sure they sleep when it’s convenient for you is NOT doing that job. Grow up. Get a job. Assume responsibility for youself and the children you have brought into this world. Finish your education. And for Gods sake, stop using and abusing the people you encounter along your way who try to reach out to help you and love you. Mend the divide YOU have created FOR NO REASON between TJ and his parents. Recognize your parents/step parents for the people that they are; not perfect, but they love you, despite your actions, and WANT to help. Dylan and Caleb are adorable, WONDERFUL children, but are WAY behind where they should be at this age, because they need YOU….Or another adult who will put them FIRST. If you can’t, or WON’T, turn them over to people who will, so they can thrive. The bottom line is, GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. You’re and Adult. Have more respect for yourself and your family and act like one. Good luck and God Bless. Momz


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