so I have seen two different scenarios of “social standards” since last night. One was a movie and just now I am sitting here watching a documentary called “God Grew Tired of us”.
Both show the life of what we consider “poor people”. It amazes me how we, living the way we are (such as me typing on this computer) , do not realize how good we have it.
If I didn’t have electricity I wouldn’t have a home or be able to plug in my computer or answer my phone or run my refrigerator that keeps my food cold that I will be eating at my table before I go lay down to sleep in my bed to get up to drive to work …
No, we are so ignorant to how well we have it compared to other people. The documentary I’m watching is about 4 young men (refugees) from the Sudan that move to the U.S. to find a new life…. One of them said he would be living in an “apartment”. He doesn’t even know what that means. Can you imagine if the word Apartment doesn’t even create an image in your mind? Cellphones are like a “talking stone” that is God Like .. some strange force …
The food they are getting in the Airplane tastes like “nothing” to them. All the preservatives are killing the taste of the real thing to them. They couldn’t tell between meat, milk or fruit. The visual may, but not taste like.
Why are we so damn unhappy? It really is a good question. We complain our little aches and pains and human indifference, but there’s a child living in the inner city somewhere, fighting to survive with their drug addicted mother .. being raped by strange men, being beat by their mothers boyfriend, or the person she left them with because they happened to steal an apple from somewhere because they were hungry. They haven’t had a shower in a long long time and their cloths are stained and torn… begging at a street corner for some spare change …
And we DARE to complain that we don’t “like” apples … how fucking stuck up!
I guess I have a little advantage from others because I have grown up with the Good (as in a roof over my head, cloths on my back) and the Bad (as in being in the streets, sleeping on cement, getting food by accident). But I also forget and not think about the other side of life, that there is pain and suffering in many aspects in our world.
Look at Japan. The Island used to be once striving. Now in pain and agony and bereavement. Did they ever think this would happen to them? Probably not, and surely not the way it went down.
Just think about it, and quit complaining about “having to go to work” “being served foods you don’t like” “your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife fighing with you” “your bedspreads you are not happy with anymore” “your hair that needs cutting” “your cloths that are 4 months old” “Your Tummy hurting because you are on your Period” “Having to go to School” “The car part that’s expensive” .
You have it much much better than him, and her, and them.
Be Ashamed!
… just saying …


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