well in the last couple of months a wave of long forgotten and probably some suppressed memories have come back…. many people/places I used to be connected with just sort of sneaked their way back into my memory …. which also caused childhood times to be relived.
Some of those times are the vacations we used to take in the summers/winters/springs.
We went to Italy, Austria and Switzerland often. Switzerland and Austria were for skiing for Easter and Christmas and Italy was for the Summer.
One Summer when we went to Italy I remember having a crush on the Hotel Managers/On Site Store Owners son. He was Italian, drove a moped and was obviously very very nice. I remember crying like a baby the day we left because I went to say goodbye to him but he wasn’t there. 😦
I also remember the walk through the sand from our bungalow to the beach, and the little lizards squirming everywhere. I used to try and catch them… and sometimes I caught them for a few split seconds, because they wiggled themselves loose by dropping their tails and scurried away through the greenery and the sand. Needless to say, it took me quite a while to get to the beach.
The beach was ginormous from what I remember. If I’m correct, that was the same vacation I almost ended up drowning, so I couldn’t have been any older than first grade.
I was playing down by the water and I think I walked in just a couple of feet, but a wave caught me and just sucked me out into the deep, and then went back up towards the beach. I could feel my feet touching the bottom, but before I knew it, the wave swept me back out. I remember trying to yell, but the water just kept splashing over me.
My mom told me that a “beach hunk” actually saved me by grabbing me and carrying me back onto the beach. She didn’t even realize that I was gone until she saw the “Hunk” (in reality he was probably some beer gutted, bald headed speedo wearing older man) carrying me out of the water. She swore that as soon as we got back from our vacation she would enroll me in swimming lessons.
I learned swimming so quickly, the teacher was amazed and wanted me to actually join their league, but my mom thought i was too young to do competitions, and I don’t think I wanted to either.
But my Swimming career wasn’t over yet, but that’s another story for another time.
Another year, at another vacation in Italy I tried to sneak a three legged dog into our condo so I could later sneak him into the car and take him back to Germany with us. We had an upstairs apartment and my mom sent my sister and I down to the beach where the fishermen were selling fresh mussels. This dog was following us back from the beach, and I helped my mom prep the mussels and then stood out on our balcony and throwing sugar wafers down to him so i could keep him coming back, until i was ready to “hide” him . Yea that didn’t work out to well. My dad ended up having to yell at me to stop feeding the dog. But that was after I got up really really early to sneak out onto the balcony to look for the K9. He was there and I slowly tried to move close to him by throwing the cookies, wating for him to mow them down, and moving a few steps closer bit by bit. He caught on to my plan really quick though, and kept a real close eye on me, and when I moved closer, he moved away. I ended up going back home to Germany without a doggie. Ah well.


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