… unbelievable… My whole Sunday was consumed by Sierra going nuts and by Rob passing out from stress or whatever it is and injuring his rotator cuff in his shoulder … and yesterday, it continued with Sierra being nuts and Rob being hurt from the fall… and guess what… ? TODAY IT’S THE SAME SHIT. These two are trying to trump each other who can create a bigger drama then the next whilst Niko, Kyle and I sit here, on the sidelines, just watching this theater of tragedy unfold. I find out in Sierras “mental instability storm” that rob has taken her to get her belly button pierced (heard that yesterday) and today he tells me it was 25$ and Kelly paid for it? Number1 I know it’s MORE than 25 bux to get your belly button pierced and 2 I know it wasn’t Kelly’s money. . . Then he was all gungho on agreeing to take sierra off these meds she has been on since the age of 11 and after going to take her to Face to Face and talking to the doctors/therapists/nurses there, he suddenly finds it more helpful to take her off maybe one or two meds. . . Even AFTER the fact of me telling him that my co-workers sister acted the same way, they took her off the meds, and she is better… These two are made to destroy each other… but instead of just argueing with each other, Rob takes his frustration of his own mental up and downs about his daughter and himself out on me and the bird and whomever else gets in his way. Sierras Grandma came over for a bit to check on her granddaughter this afternoon. After her being here for a bit, Sierra became suddenly agitated, and as soon as Granny left, she turned about 360 degrees and stormed out the door and yelled at Rob on the street!? I also noticed that she did KNOW what had happened the day before, with her hallucinations and speaking to people that weren’t around. Rob had told me she ABSOLUTELY knew nothing from him talking to her in the morning. When he mentioned something about her remembering SOME stuff, that’s when she became agitated and defensive, and said that Rob is calling her a liar. She reacted the same way Rob reacts when caught in making stuff up. Coincidence? I’m not too sure what to think about this anymore. Rob also pulled me in the room while Sierra and granny were visiting and said that his Ex Kelly had called and said that all this was just another front of Sierras to get out of having to go to Public school?! She wants to do online schooling from home because she says it causes her too much anxiety to be in the classroom and she can’t pay attention when she’s in school…? Right now, they are both gone, because, as I mentioned before, sierra had stormed off and told Rob she was walking to the Tanning Place.. Oh they are back, let’s see if Will is still coming over now, since Rob and I both had said to each other that because she acted like that, he isn’t. It’s 1-31-2012 at 5 PM. I’ll report back later.