Not sure where to being. These last few months have been trying, to say the least. The latest was that Rob found out that his heart is in really bad condition and we might have to prepare ourselves to plan his funeral soon.
On top of that, a few days ago my daughter and her boyfriend and my husband decide that WE are taking care of the boys while she tries to get her life straightened out, AGAIN. So not only do we have no income from either side since I’ve been staying home to take care of Rob for his shoulder injury.
The kids get dropped off here, stinky, all their cloths are dirty, a couple pairs of underwear which appeared to be dirty as well, no socks… it was ridiculous. I told a couple friends of mine about it … and suddenly we are getting stuff for them from everywhere. People brought bags with bubbles and toothpaste and soap, Pajamas and socks and underwear. Another friend got us in contact with a lady that said she will get us gift-cards for stores for food and more cloths for the boys.
My sister in law called her sister and they brought us bags of canned foods and snacks. It’s amazing. I am so grateful for everyone coming together because I highly doubt the boys parents thought about the situation they were putting us in by dropping them off, with no food or cloths or money for them . My husband isn’t’ even supposed to drive because he only has one eye, pretty much neither arm works right, and he has blood pressure problems.  I can’t really drive him because my car isn’t big enough to transport all the kids in it at once.
I have no idea how long I am going to have these kids with me, but I am thinking about selling my car, and Robs PT to buy a van.
There is just so  much going on at the moment, it’s hard to keep one straight thought. I constantly forget stuff that I’m supposed to do, or get done, and then run behind with dinner and everything else. It’s just no good….