Why do I reveal my biSnitch on Facebook …

Friends, Fans, Enemies, Foes….
So I have been reminded more than once now that maybe it’s not such a good thing to post my “personal” stuff on Facebook the way I do, but what people need to understand is my thoughts ON Facebook.
Just when you signed up for Facebook, they showed you their Privacy Policy, their Terms of Use Policy and such and such, and of course, we never read through this, because we want to be where our friends are. Exited to see what this “Facebook” thing is all about. When you skipped over these Terms and Policies, you missed out the fact that EVERYTHING you do or “like” on those pages becomes the worlds bisnitch. It doesn’t matter what I put out there, because they follow me EVERYWHERE.
(on a little side note: Note the way I write business. BISNITCH … … Snitch being the key here.)
So in the latest developments which I won’t get into too deeply here, I’ve been posting some stuff that some would see as revealing WAAAAY too much about someone else’s life. But this is where my view on “doing it” on Facebook comes in.
I add people I know to my Facebook, most of which I have me in real life, or have met through the internet, such as World Of Warcraft or Message boards. Other people are things I’ve “liked” and so happened to become friends with them. (because someone had to start that page….)
So now, when I put my stories, my funnies, my worries, my troubles on my Profile, I am aware that those friends, acquaintances and family members will see it. GOOD! Because I am keeping them up to date on what’s happening. If I go to , let’s just use this for an example, to a wedding and run into all these people, that ask me the same thing over and over, being on FB and adding my stuff on there, saves me a lot of trouble telling the same thing over and over and over. I am that kind of person that gets bothered having to tell the same thing over and over and over…. I just don’t like it. You can hardly get a hold of me on the phone for pete’s sake. Send me a TXT and I am all over you like flies on shit. Writing on Facebook to me is, yes, indeed Therapeutic, and a Newsletter of some sorts. This way people DON’T have to wonder: “What’s going on in Dee’s Life” or “I wonder how grown up that little boy is now”.
Facebook isn’t private anyways.
Friends and Family that I haven’t seen in YEARS are able to see what’s happening to me. I have old Classmates on my Facebook that I, myself have been wondering about for YEARS. Now that I found them, I am happy. I found People that I grew up with, were living on the same street as I, playing hopscotch together. I’ve wondered about them as well. I find out what great jobs they have, what their family looks like now, that they have children of their own.
I have family that I found, that I NEVER knew I had! I saw my niece giving birth to her precious baby. If I wasn’t on Facebook, I would not know what her precious princess looks like.
So to me, Facebook is nothing but a Giant Newsletter! I keep people up to date on my kids, my health, my husbands health, my likes, my dislikes, my preference in music…. NOTHING is private on the Internet anymore anyways. YOU might not know how to find out the nitty-gritty, but believe me, I can find out what you went to court for, when you went to court, if you have been arrested, if your children have been arrested. It’s not just Facebook. It’s everything.
Facebook is also my support system. I have something i feel troubled about, I post it on Facebook, and sometimes I get good advice from it, sometimes I get encouragement, and sometimes, I get nothing. It’s all good to me. I am fully aware that I’m putting it out there, with my legs wide-spread, exposed to the world.

So that’s my opinion of it. I can’t find a reason why I should justify my ways!


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