It is what it is, and it just keeps coming

Life as of late has been nothing but a big snowball of happenings, destruction, emotions, growth, realization, complications… it is a long list. Of course it all sounds bad, but it def. is not. My Little Nikolas is growing every day, discovering new things, learning and improving. It is such a pleasure to see him learning new words, being able to do something on his own that he wasn’t able to do before and developing his own little personality.
I have also found one (or two) new friends through some of this. People I already knew, but never really got to talk to on a more deeper, personal level, evolving into a loving type of friendship.
There has been downs, and ups, but def. more downs. A neighbor of ours even went as far as blessing our “grounds” last night because I have mentioned it more than once now, that things seem to be going so bad, our house might be actually and seriously “doomed” or cursed for some reason. (*update* which turned out to be a negative. Crap still happens)

Things weren’t always perfect before we  moved here, but it just appears to be one downfall after another since we moved to this location three years ago. So who knows, it might have done some good.
I have given up so much since Roberts health issues have started since the accident. I have endured his moods, his pains, his outbursts and his continuous attacks towards random situations and people. It sure hasn’t been easy, and I’m sure it will still be an issue for an unforeseen time to come, but it is what it is.
I have been asked several times why I’m still with my husband throughout all this and all I can say is: “If I wasn’t, who would be?”
Life always builds mountains that we have to climb and conquer. Giving up wouldn’t be an option. Leaving someone in the middle of the ascent wouldn’t be fair and would automatically disqualify me for the lesson given, the strength earned and the outcome. The next mountain would be much more difficult to get across. So I just take one step at a time.
This is my thought for today, Sunday, 6-24-2012.

I have other things to do now.  I wish I had much more time to write on a daily basis, but as the above states, I never really know where the day takes me when I open my eyes. 🙂


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