You were saying?

So you think everything is going to go your way?
Don’t look at me to see if I fall my knees and pray!!
It simply doesn’t matter what you think of me
I have been working on the plan, that will be your destiny.

You say people have made me the gossip of the town
Once I’m done they will be the ones to frown.
Why are they trying to let their lives seem like frolics?
A couple of them are weird, the others, Alcoholics.
Don’t bullshit me and tell me you are clean.
You ain’t as good as you make it seem.

Why don’t you come over and look me in the eyes.
Tell me you hate me and you don’t tell no lies.
All I do is live my life to the fullest.
I don’t run a contest on who is the dullest.
If you don’t like it, please leave me alone.
Don’t come back over, don’t ring my phone.

You can’t leave my life the way it is
Are you afraid there is something you will miss?
If you don’t stop bugging, don’t hang around.
I just don’t want to be your personal clown.


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