Black is beautiful

People misconcep the Color Black, a lot. Black is the color that develops when you mix EVERY COLOR together. BLACK absorbs every color out there, it draws colors towards it, no negativity at all. It’s a shade of the most vivid and constantly changing ocean of eye orgasms.
You see black as Sadness? See it as Happy. You see black as Grief? See it as Relief. You see black as Cold? It’s of the most comforting Temperature you have ever felt. Not only does it absorb and contain every single color in this universe, it also absorbs  “you”. Surrounds you with protection and comfort.
The only reason why black scares people is because they have to rely on only limited senses, which are your hearing, your sense of smell and the most awful one of all … FEELING …. Feeling can be scary, if you aren’t used to it.


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