Oh August where have you gone

Once again I sit here, amazed at how time flies. Last Post on August 25th? Seems like it was just a couple weeks ago, but I guess not.
It’s been a stressful time, and time does tend to just take flight, before you know it, things have disappeared , people have moved on, and I stand in the midsts of disaster, confused, cold and with 1 or 6 emotions less or ten times changed.
At the same time August seems like forever away, things I have forgotten, faces that have passed, foggy Memories, Foggy Conversations, Foggy Feelings, Foggy Everything.
(ADHD MOMENT) Why does the word Foggy and Forgetting seem so close knit? ….
And onward I go. So what was in August? Hmmm Truthfully I can’t remember. I know I returned to work from my FMLA in August. .. maybe that’s when it all happened. I was at home for 120 days, and that’s all I had to concentrate on, absorb and spit out, rinse and repeat. Now that I’m back at work I have to deal with the “drama” and “changes” there, then return to the dungeon and face a whole other set of “drama” and “changes”. Enough to tear through my thick ass skin and make me bawl at the drop of a dime. It really sucks. I have been broken. I have been “damaged” before but never really broken. It was always fixable, but it’s been a long stretch of dings and other heavy artillery being aimed at me, to leave huge holes where there was once part of me.
For now I have to get going and stick this little Mastermind of mine into his cozy bed, so I can get some form of peace around me. … which won’t last because I still have the big grumpy man here, overshadowing my every move. *le sigh*


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