It was a stormy October Evening. I made myself a nice cup of tea and sat down in my favorite chair to read Stone Carvers latest book. I got the recommendation out of this month’s edition of Writers Magazine. Stone Carver has always been my favorite Novelist.

I must have dozed off, because I was awakened by footsteps walking around upstairs. This would be nothing odd, if I wasn’t living on my own, you see.

At first, I figured it might have been just my imagination. I took a sip of the now cold tea and concentrated on the silence in the house.
After five minutes I heard the footsteps again, this time they seemed to be walking around in the room I call my office, though it’s nothing more than just a table with stacks of old bills, newspaper clippings and pens and pencils cluttering it up.
I got up and walked into the kitchen to grab the 2×4 I kept behind the cellar door.
Nothing ever happens out here, not of any serious nature anyways.
Maybe kids letting the chickens out of Farmer Bens coop, or some Fox trying to find dinner for himself and his family, but nothing more than that.
I slowly walked up the stairs. Halfway to the top I stopped again and listened.Once again, silence had fallen over the house.
At first I reached around the corner to turn the bathroom light on, as I looked around I nothing unusual, even that pile of dirty laundry I’ve been meaning to get to was still piled next to the bathtub.

I shut the light back off and went towards my bedroom. Once again I turned on the light. I stepped inside and noticed a pair of muddy footprints leading towards the balcony door.
All of the sudden I heard a loud crash. I raced to my window and saw that a tree had fallen onto the shed. “Great!”, I thought, ” I’ll have to call Mr. Linden and have him fix the roof again!!”.
During last years big storm my small Oak tree had crashed into the roof and he was nice enough to fix it for me and save the cost of having a professional come out here to do it. He told me if I needed any other roofing work done, to just give him a call. He used to run his own roofing company, but he’s 75 years old now, and the work had gotten to be too much for him. He only did smaller jobs for a friendly neighborhood service. He didn’t even expect to be paid for it, but everybody gave him whatever they could afford anyways, just as a little thank you.

But now back to my unusual story.

I went over to the balcony door and slid it open. The wind was blowing strong out there and it took me a second to decide if I should step outside. I turned around to make sure no one was behind me inside the room. My eyes scanned the room very quickly and there I saw it, on my mirror, in small but still very readable letters it said: “Sory four dizturbink you”. It looked like it was written in permanent marker. “I will check that out later,” I told myself.

I went outside and looked over the railing into my yard. I saw something moving in the bushes. I quickly went over to the steps leading down and walked over towards the spot that I really haven’t been tending to since my arthritis has been getting worse.

I stopped for a brief moment and listened to any noise, but the wind was gusting so hard, tossing leafs off the trees, moving everything that wasn’t tied down. It was really hard to make out anything, I moved closer towards the shrubs and heard a faint but distinct to make out: “EEEEK!!!”.

“Who goes there?” I yelled into the blustery weather. “Me!” I heard a thin, tiny voice answering me.

“Come out now before I whack you over the head with this chunk of wood”

“Please don’t hurt me! Promise me you won’t hurt me!” I heard the leafs crunch in the undergrowth.

“I won’t hurt you unless you try something unwise.” I lifted the 2×4 a little higher.

The bush began to move a little harder now and I heard more leafs crackling. When I saw what stepped out of there I dropped my makeshift bat and my mouth stood open for a moment.

“Wha-what are you?” I finally said. I was looking at a two foot tall person, no, not a person, it looked like one of them dwarfs out of my granddaughters fairytale books, but without cloths. It had pointy little ears, and its eyes looked like those of a bird, maybe an owl.
It had greenish skin from what I could make out with the little bit of light that the kitchen window let stream out.

“I’ve been living here for years,” it said. “My name is Mico. I got scared of the storm and thought you were asleep. I only wanted to hide in that big room with the paper mountain until it was over. When your wife was still here she always let me stay up there during the bad weather.”

“You mean Vicky knows about you?” I said in disbelief.

“Yes” little Mico said. “She knew the others too, but they have gone up into the woods when she left in that big noise making machine. She said she would be back in a couple of months because her mother had fallen sick and she was going to take care of her. She has been gone for so long now. Will she come back?” he asked me.

“Uuum, yes she will, her mother is still not better.” I answered quickly.

I started to notice how cold it has gotten in the rain. I was a little weary of what to do next, but I decided if this little “thing” knew so much about my Vicky it can’t be anything bad. Vicky was a little ‘off” as some people would put it, always daydreaming and talking to the plants out in the yard, but she wasn’t crazy. And if she was, and it had rubbed off on me, then it is too late now anyways, i thought.

“Ok, I’m getting cold out here”, I said to the creature, “why don’t we go inside and warm up a little bit. I will have to make a phone call and you can sit in there and tell me a little more about yourself.”

That must have been just what he (or was it a she?) wanted to hear, because it ran ahead as fast as it’s little feet could carry it and then waited under the overhang right outside the kitchen door.

“That door is locked from the inside”, I said. “Let’s go through the Bedroom” and I pointed up the steps.

“No, Mico not want to do that!” it blurted out. “Did you see the mess I left on your fluffy floor already?”

“Okay, stay here and I will be right there to open the door for you” I said as I was heading up the stairs. I didn’t want to make it a bigger mess either, since I don’t have a clue on how to clean carpets at all. Vicky always took care of those things.

I let Mico into the door, and he knew exactly what to do. He wiped his little feet that were just as green as the rest of it’s body, on the towel that sat next to the door.

“I just want to stay here until the storm is gone”, it said. “I will go sit by the paper mountain and wait”, and the creature headed for the stairs.

“Wait” I called after it. “I don’t really think you have to sit up there if you don’t want to anymore. I’m sure Vicky only put you there so I wouldn’t have a fit or something.”

Its big eyes looked at me and blinked a couple of times.

“Seriously”, I said “go over there through that door and sit at the couch.”

Its eyes followed my pointing finger and then looked back at me. “Couch?”, it asked.

I couldn’t help but smile. “Yes, that big poufy looking thing in there, go ahead, go in there, you will know what I’m talking about.”

Micos little feet pitter pattered across the tile floor. Just before he went through the door it turned around one more time with a questionable look.

I had picked up the phone to call my wife. She was in Portland, Oregon to be with her mother who was very sick for the last 3 months or so now. I nodded at Mico, “Go on.” I said.

I dialed the number to my mother in laws house, but the phone just kept ringing. She must be in the hospital with her mom. Sometimes when her mom got really bad, Vicky stayed the nights with her. I hung the phone back up and went into the living room.

“Mico, are you a boy or a girl?” I asked him while stepping into the living room. I didn’t get an answer. I looked towards the couch. Mico was laying on it, flat on his back, mouth wide open, snoring away! I noticed how late it has gotten and I felt quite tired myself all of the sudden.

I unfolded a blanket lying on the floor next to the couch and covered Mico up with it.

“I guess I will find out about you tomorrow” I yawned and went upstairs. As I walked into the bedroom I noticed the writing on the mirror again. “Yes, and I will have to find out who taught you how to spell too”, I thought and fell into my bed, clothes still on, but I didn’t care at the time!

I woke up around 7 am, a bit confused from the restless night I had. I stretched and yawned loudly. Suddenly I heard a small giggle from the corner of my room.
I sat up and saw the little creature    

 ………………………… this is where it stops …………………… I assume I meant to write a lot more than that at the time but must have ran out of ideas, time or whatever it was at the time. 🙂 


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