yep, that’s the title of the post… OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there, I said it again)
So tonight I scroll down my Facebook Wall since nobody was talking, and came across my “Likes” and the such. Right there, almost stabbing my eye out, was this little square box, and it said: “Deeliscious” ….the FIRST (or must have been my last) “Pin” (For you non-savy Pinteresters out there, it’s the marking of an idea you like on this ginormous internet Pinboard sort of thing. Basically the same thing as your freakin’ BOOKMARKS !!!! ) showed…. (omg i’m going to cry) …  Ok, let me start over since this last one up there went kind of out of hand …..

yep, that’s the title of the post… OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there, I said it again)
So tonight I scroll down my Facebook Wall since nobody was talking, and came across my “Likes” and the such. Right there, almost stabbing my eye out, was this little square box, and it said: “Deeliscious” ….the FIRST “Pin” showed … (omg, i’m going to cry) ..  35 Lovely Short Hairstyles for Older Women! He He He He He. Wow! There is just so much wrong with this in so many ways… 
FIRST: The word “Lovely”. Lovely you say? That’s what an old person says!!!!! Not no 41 year old! Then it goes to the Word “Old”! 
Seriously ???? Oh No, No, No!!!! That we will have to change! We will just hide that little box from the public! I don’t want to get rid of it … because you never know. I will have to peek at it another time. …. 


The next day:
Well my thoughts about this were going somewhere, but then I went to bed and now they are gone. I need to get used to just FINISHING things I start. Oh well! I guess I can post this now. 🙂 
As my dear friend JoJo would say:

Love peace and chicken grease! 

John was on his usual Sunday Store Trip. It was always a different one. 4 of them to be exact:  Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Meijer and Target. One Month worth of rotation. He was searching for familiar faces in the crowds of people he encountered. If he did spy someone, he locked his eyes on them, waited for some sort of reaction that would let him know, the other one remembered him too. He’d walk up to them with a smile and hold his hand out. He waited for that human touch, and a short conversation.
7 years ago he had to start letting most of his employees go. 1 by one he had to make that heart breaking decision. He felt horrible, Jim, and his 2 year marriage, just starting a family, and she was having their first little one the month after.  Diana, the store cashier and customer service person, her husband had just retired from the factory down on Paton Drive.
Neal, Diana’s youngest brother, an eager and motivated fellow, just learning, taking first steps in the world of the Work Force.
He tried keeping Bob as long as he could, but when the incoming wouldn’t even cover the outgoing anymore, he had to let him go as well. Bob was his top electrician. He knew when he couldn’t be at the shop, Bob would have it all squared away. Especially when his wife fell sick, Bob covered the store a lot.
John had to be by his wife’s bedside, and everyone knew it. She recovered, for a little while, and then had a relapse. All her organs shut down, one by one, until finally, she took her last breath. And John was alone.
He sat at home a lot for the longest time, but one day, their daughter came over and grabbed him out of his arm chair he seemed to have been stuck in for at least 6 months. They went over their house and some of Johns relatives were there. Once he was dropped back off at home, given a hug and a big kiss from Bethany, his only grandchild, he retired. The next morning he got up and started searching for those familiar faces.
Now Back to Johns Sunday morning store trip. This week he was at Target, looking for items out of their weekly circular. Not to buy them, just to look at them.
There were a lot of appliances this week. He strolled towards that area. He spotted an employee and asked if she knew where the Teijvana Braville one was that’s featured on their front page. She led him to the location, and he started chatting her up about cleaning appliances. That he had to buy a new device,  because his fried in the dishwasher when he cleaned it. He noticed her puzzled look. “What do you mean fried in the dishwasher?” she asked.
 John continued: “I wash all my appliances in the dishwasher. It’s safe! It takes a little longer for them to dry, but that’s how you keep them looking like new. You just can’t keep them in the drying mode of course. They will have to air-dry.”
“oh”, the young lady responded. “really?” …..
To be continued…. 1-2  3 of 2013

Little Dragons Demise (one of my personal favorites)

(these were the words given for the week)

Little Dragon was on his way to the Fair. He had hid himself under a cloak so the Humans wouldn’t start running away and call the Dragon Slayer to chase him out of town.
If his father knew, he would most likely send him off to live with his aunt and uncle in Ireland. Not that he did not like Ireland, but there were hardly any Dragons his age to play with anymore.
He took the long way around the Hill away from the main road that led into town. Too many folks from the surrounding farms were taking the road as well; he didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances.
As he crossed the bridge leading through the gate into town, he started hearing music and smelled different kinds of foods. “YUM” he thought as he sniffed the air. He now walked a bit faster, not really by his own choice but because there was a crowd of people pushing him forward into the event.
This has been a plan in the making for the last 2 days now. One night he was flying over Munster when he saw
all these booths and stages being set up. When he came back to the cave he had asked his mother about the strange activities in the small town. She had told him about the Fair and all the great things that were there to see, sparking his curiosity. She had also told him about the time when she was a young dragon and had gone to the Fair, and how she still had the cloak she had used to hide herself from any unwanted sight.
After his parents had gone to sleep, he went into the Trunk with all of Mothers keepsakes, pulled out the cloak , and hid it under the furthest rock in their home.
That day, Mother had gone to meet with her other Local dragon ladies while father was out seeking new adventures.
He should be save from anyone looking for him, for at least a couple of hours.

When he got to the town center of the city he was overwhelmed with all the things to see. There were Booths of vendors selling everything from Food to jewelry to pottery to toys. There were Musicians set up on stages. 3 of them to be exact, in three corners of the town square and grown ups and children were dancing in front of them.
Dragon walked over to a colorful tent that was set up in between a few booths. There was a small platform in front of it and a big sign hanging from a pole. “I-Iro”, little dragon tried to read what the letters said on it, “Iron C-c-clad Guarantee. See our Proo-o-duct and be a-a-ammmmazed.” (His father always made sure he had as much education as possible, which included Human language as well.)
Two ladies appeared out of the inside of the tent and held open the material covering the entrance. Dragon stood silently, waiting for what was going to follow. Next, two very strong men came out, carrying a large piece of brick with some kind of metal attached to it’s top. The two men set the object down, and went back into the tent. A young lad with a drum came out now, set the drum down off to the side and started drumming a steady beat.
More and more people started crowding around the platform, wondering what was being shown. Little dragon became a bit nervous now, being jammed between this many humans, he looked around but didn’t see a way to make a fast getaway if he had to. He took a deep breath and looked back towards the center of attention.

A Man dressed in expensive fabric was now on the stage. He lifted his arm and brought it down fast, the young boy stopped his drumming.
“LADIES AND GENTS!” the man spoke out in a loud  voice. “Hear ye, Hear ye, be amazed, be bedazzled, you have NEVER seen such a thing. This is new, this is amazing!”
The Man now pointed to the big square sitting in the center of the podium. “Feast your eyes on this great new intervention! What is it you ask yourself? Well, it’s a stove! You can cook your stews on top, while baking your breads inside, all at the same time, all in one convenient place. Ladies, this will cut down your troubles preparing meals into half!”
Little dragon looked around the crowd again; there was a man and a woman standing next to him whispering to each other. He leaned his head towards them trying to hear what they were saying. “this could be the end to my demise,” the woman said to the man. “Well let’s hear him out first,” he whispered back, “all things have a price to them, you know.” His wife shook her head in agreement.
“Watch as we demonstrate to you”, he pointed to the object, “THE STOVE!”. People started clapping. The two females went inside the tent and came back out with two large bowls, followed by one of the strong men carrying some wood.
“It’s one of the simplest things to run”, the Demonstrator said, “you place the wood in the bottom, just like Hendrick is doing now, and light it.”
Dragon smiled as he was watching the strong man trying to light the wood he had just put in the bottom of the contraption. He thought to himself how fast they could have a nice hot flame if he would lend them a hand. He had gotten A + in “breathing fire” last year.
“Now we need to wait for the fire to build in strength”, the Man continued, “While we wait, I will have Hendrick hand out brochures that explain how the inside operates.”
The Muscled Man walked through the crowd giving a piece of paper to everybody standing around. Little Dragon looked down at the ground as the Guy walked passed him. He  stood a lot taller than himself and if he would have looked up, he probably would have been able to see inside his hood, which would have meant a lot of trouble!
He heard many “OOOHS” as people were looking at the paper.
“We are now ready!” The Man on the stage announced. Little Dragon was exited to see what would happen next.
“I will have Gwen put the first bowl on top of the Iron Grate, and as you can see on your brochure, the heat is distributed evenly to it by the two tubes running alongside the outside of the stove. Next, Eidola will place this pan into the opening in the middle.”
Eidola held up a metal sheet with a piece of dough formed into a ring high above her head.
Little Dragon has been hungry for a while now, he looked up at the pan Eidola was holding and just imagined that dough being baked into a tasty piece of bread.
He breathed out, maybe a little harder than what he should have, a flame shot out of his nostrils and caught the man’s pants whom was in front of him on fire. The man reached backwards and felt the cause of his troubles and accidentally smacked the hood of Little Dragons head.
Everybody had turned towards the uproar because the gentleman with the flames smoldering away his bottoms had begun to scream for help now.
Everybody noticed the the small cloaked person within their mass really was and they all scattered away from him. “It’s a dragon!” The crowds yelled out in terror.
Little Dragon had become really nervous now and started breathing a lot harder than what he should have. Eidola threw the sheet with the bread ring high up into the air and started running.
Little Dragon looked up and let out a heavy breath as he watched the piece of dough fly into the air. He shot out a big flame and it hit the bread dough mid air.
The Soldiers standing guard came running and surrounded Little Dragon holding their spears towards him, some even poking him into his scales. “OUCH!” Dragon cried out! “That hurts!”
“Kill him! Kill him!” the crowds started chanting. Little Dragon thought about how he had messed up by getting his moms Cloak and going to see the Fair!
A little girl pushed her way through the crowds and picked up the dough, which had landed not far from the panic. It had folded itself into the form of a pretzel, as we know it now. she took a bite out of it; she was just as hungry as Little Dragon was a few minutes earlier.
“Mommy!” she cried out, “this is good!”. The Mother ripped the Pretzel Shaped bread out of the young girls hand. “Don’t eat that!” She scorned her daughter. “it has been touched by dragon fire!” You don’t know how it can harm you!” She handed the mis-shaped bread to one of the soldiers.
“We shall take this dragon to King Friedrich!” a soldier cried out! “You know this is policy in Kingdom! No Dragon shall be killed unless it is by our Dear Kings own sword.”
Little Dragon was shaking of fright. “What is going to happen to me?” he wondered. The tip of a spear poked him into the back and he moved forward, and then stopped again.
Another stab of a spear made him move just a little forward again, and he stopped. Yet another prick made him move forward again, and Little Dragon started to understand that they wanted him to keep moving. He started walking through the town square and saw all the peoples faces. They did not look so happy anymore than when he first entered the Fair. He turned around to see that little girl being drug away by her mother.

He walked up the road leading to the Kings Castle now. Occasionally he felt the sharp point of a spear against his scales and he walked a little faster. There were soldiers in a half circle around him.
He entered the Castle Grounds and was lead into a downstairs cage. He started crying now, because he knew there would be no way out of here. There were guards all around him. he must have sat there for hours, weeping. All he could think of is how his parents came home, discovered his absence and their search for him. All due to  his inquisitive nature.
A man wearing a funny looking cap entered the dungeon he had been locked up in since before the sun had gone down. Little Dragon watched him walking round and round his cage, with his eyes, all while holding his head down.
“So you are the one!” The man finally spoke out. I must say, I imagined you creatures to be a lot bigger than this!” He stopped in front of the Little Dragon, his hands folded behind his back. Little Dragon still did not dare to look up, but he noticed the man with the strange looking hat leaning down, trying to catch his eyes. Little Dragon looked up for just a second, then turned his sight towards the bottom of the cage again.
“You know, my cook is astounded by your talents! He says he has never tasted such an amazing piece of bread in his whole entire life.”
Little Dragon looked up with a puzzled look, because he didn’t really understand what the Man was talking about.
“Ah, yes, now look here. I am the king and if you promise me that you won’t harm any of us, I will let you out of this jail. I want to make a deal with you and there will be a nice reward as well! What do you say?”
“I won’t hurt anybody,” the Little Dragon finally spoke up. Now the king looked a bit confused. He figured the dragon understood what he was saying, but he didn’t know the Beast also knew how to talk his language!
“Well, so be it! Let him out of the cage then!” the King ordered his guards.
“Are you sure that is such a good idea, King Friedrich?” One of the guards asked.
“Why wouldn’t it be? So far he didn’t do anything wrong, even when you brought him here, he never refused to come along or fought any of you, now, did he?”
Little Dragon stood up in his cage. A guard unlocked the door, and stepped back quickly. The King openend the door all the way and gestured for Little Dragon to step out.
“Follow me to the Throne room,” the  King said. “I have some food waiting for you there, and my cook has some questions for you as well.”
After Little Dragon filled his empty belly, the cook entered. He wanted to know how Little Dragon got the piece of bread to be such perfect color outside, but yet so soft and tasty on the inside. Since this happened on accident, Little Dragon didn’t have an answer to either, but after contemplating back and forth for an hour, the Cook and Dragon decided to take it down into the Royal Kitchen to experiment. It did not take long before they solved the question at hand. It was simply the temperature of the Little Dragons flame!
The King hired Little Dragon as the Head Pretzel Maker and since Little Dragons name was Pringles, the Pretzels were named after him, now known as Pringles Pretzels. He was able to stay at the Castle until he had grown too big to fit inside the Castle Walls. He move back into his family Cave and him and his mother experimented with other foods, such as potatoes and other kinds of dough.
The Reward for the Little Dragon was that the King made sure his family could live in peace for the rest of their Life and the annual Fair was moved outside of the City Walls, so that him and his Family could attend each fair without ever having to hide again!